Transnet Freight Rail:Executive Manager: Office of the Chief Executive
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Transnet Freight Rail:Executive Manager: Office of the Chief Executive

This advert is open for application by external applicants.

The closing date is on 06.11.2020. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that HR has received the application
before the closing date of the advertisement.
Note: if you have not been contacted within 30 days of the closing date of this advertisement please consider your
application as unsuccessful.
Any questions regarding the application or recruitment process should be sent in writing to
We urge all our employees, clients, members of the public and our suppliers to report any kind of fraud or corruption at Transnet. Call the hotline toll free number: 0800 003 056 or email

Operating Division : Transnet Freight Rail
Position Title : Executive Manager: Office of the Chief Executive
Employee Group : Permanent
Department : Office of CE
Location : Parktown
Reporting To : Chief Executive: Transnet Freight Rail
Grade Level : C
Reference Number : 50015937
Position Purpose:

To plan, direct the management and administration of the Chief Executive and the GM: Office of the Chief Executive, monitor
the workflow and take corrective action where necessary. To provide support to the General Manager: Office of the Chief
Executive so as to ensure properly coordinated management of the Office, monitor and track effectiveness of the processes
of running the Office with high level of confidentiality, respect and professionalism and identify improvements required to be
made to the management of the Office based on observations for the good reputation of the organisation.
Position outputs:
1. Provide assistance to the Chief Executive (CE) directly as and when required or through the General Manager in
managing the Office of the Chief Executive, and monitor execution of the functions in the Office.
2. Plan, organise, direct and control the work activities of the team members in order to provide prompt and efficient services
to internal customers, i.e. employees, TFR Exco, Exco, Board Members etc.
3. Provide support to the General Manager when leading the project management initiatives of the Office of the Chief


4. Manage stakeholders in the Chief Executive’s Office which is critical for the organisation to maintain good reputation.
5. Provide strategic input and recommendations into continuous improvement issues handled in the Office.
6. Maintain confidentiality in handling work in the CE’s Office.
7. Assist with follow-up on TFR Exco, Transnet Exco and the Board submissions. for the CE’s approval within the agreed timelines from Exco, and Secretariat.
8. Assist the General Manager with people management issues in the office e.g.,setting up SPO contracting sessions,
performance management reviews, verify Exco attendance registers with leave register before submission to the General Manager for signature etc.
9. Provide Secretariat support for the CE’s Office Meetings as and when required by the CE and the General Manager: Office of the Chief Executive
10. Report on issues raised by the Shareholder, Portfolio Committee of Public Enterprises, Parliamentary Questions including other Portfolio Committees, Government Departments, other State Owned Companies, both internal and external stakeholders for the Office of the Chief Executive;

11. Develop and maintain appropriate management systems and applications for the Office of the Chief Executive;
12. Manage and coordinate projects as assigned by the Chief Executive;
13. Proper management of the General Managers performance contracts by making sure that their plans are finalised and reviewed half-yearly to ensure delivery on the Corporate Plan and Shareholder Compact’s Targets;
14. Urgent attention to all the Chief Executive’s action items arising, from TFR Exco and its sub-committee meetings, the Leadership Team, Operational Leadership Team and Board of Directors, are addressed;15. Provision of support to the Chief Executive through attendance of the CE’s meetings, follow-up on agreed actions and make sure that the CE gets feedback as soon as possible where not able to attend a meeting;
16. Monitoring of the effectiveness of corrective actions;
17. Consolidate Chief Executive Reports to the TFR Exco and its sub-committee meetings, the Exco, and Board of Directors as well as all the financial meeting packs;
18. Accompany the Chief Executive on local visits as and when required;
19. Compile the Chief Executive Performance Agreement and identify all measures for cascading to General Managers;
20. Ensure Delegation of Authority adherence and cascading thereof.

Qualifications & Experience:
• B Degree
• Post-graduate qualification would be an added advantage.
• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in corporate business administration of which at least 5 years at a senior managerial
level within a large operations environment
• Requirement of trust and honesty in the handling of finances as per the National Credit Act Amendment 19
• Must undergo Lifestyle Audit
Standard Requirements
• Drivers’ license code 8
• Travel as required by the business

Strategy & Sustainability
Strategic Thinking:
• Formulates strategies and business plans to achieve the overall organisations direction.
Commercial Awareness:
• Keeps abreast of internal and external factors that can impact the business.
• Generates new ideas or solutions by thinking “outside of the box”; reviews current processes or systems and identifies
ways to optimise them.

Ethical & Inspirational Leadership
Inspiring People:
• Leads by example. Inspires, motivates and empowers team members to do their best.
Managing Talent:
• Provides clear direction and sets performance standards/requirements for the team.
Leading Change:
• Leads and directs change initiatives.
Embracing Diversity:
• Leads and promotes equal opportunity and has an appreciation for diversity in the workplace.
Business Performance & Delivery
Lead Business Performance:
• Leads the business to be more efficient and effective.
Strategic Decision Making:
• Is decisive and takes full accountability for decisions.
Business Acumen:
• Understands and deal with various business situation using obtained knowledge and a broad spectrum of expertise.
• Thinks in a systemic way but is open to new approaches.
Relationship Management
Communicating Effectively:
• Communicates the business strategy and objectives in a clear and manner.
Collaborating & Networking:
• Build wide and effective relationships with people inside and outside of the organisation to help achieve the organizations
goals and objectives.
Service Orientated:
• Leads by example; strives for a customer centric culture where everyone acts with the customer in mind.
Persuading and Influencing:
• Is able to persuade and influence those around him/her for the benefit of achieving the organizations/department goals and objectives.
• Identifies and influences key decision makers using strong persuasive techniques and creates a strong personal
impression that leads to buy in from others.
Corporate Governance & Compliance
Leading Governance:
• Always work in the best interest of the organisation and aligns business practices to the ethical obligations and good
corporate governance.
Leading Safety Practice:
• Leads safety practices by communicating, enforcing and supporting all safety standards and activities.
Leading Risk Management:
• Identifies areas of risks and implements corrective actions to mitigate the impact of risks to ensure overall sustainability.
Personal Mastery
Learning & Applying Expertise:
• Dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement.
• Manages pressure effectively and copes well with criticism and setbacks.
Emotional Intelligence:
• Is aware of own leadership styles and is able to adapt style to enhance team and business performance.

Vigour & Personal Drive:
• Accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm. Works hard and shows energy and persistence to achieve high
quality results. Is a role model for others who strive for personal excellence.
“NB: The candidate must meet the minimum inherent health requirements of the job”.


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