Back to Varsity Campaign

Back To Varsity - Bursary Campaign with Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets is giving away tertiary bursaries to the value of R300 000 in their Back to Varsity campaign!

Bursaries will range from 1st year (entry into varsity) to 4th-year level (Diploma or Degree). Preferred areas of study include but are not limited to; IT and Development, Accounting, Logistics and Supply Chain or Operations Management.  Applicants must meet the bursary application requirements as listed bel0w.


1. The objective of the Bursary is to attract, retain and develop potential team members and to facilitate development that will enhance growth in individuals that will maintain and sustain the industry.


2.1. The Company will grant the bursary to the Recipient in terms of this Agreement for the specific purpose of obtaining a Degree or Diploma within a registered Higher Education Institution.

2.2. The Recipient shall not, without first having obtained written permission from the Company, be entitled to deviate from the qualification and institution that has been approved for the purposes of this bursary.

2.3. The Recipient will be required to spend at least 50% of their holiday as vacation work at the Company. This will be unpaid/ A stipend will be provided to cover transport costs.

2.4. The Company shall assist recipients with the payment of registration, tuition and examination fees related to the bursary that has been approved. Any additional costs that may arise during the course of study will be the responsibility of the Recipient.

2.5. Supplementary examinations are not covered by this agreement and will be the responsibility of the Recipient.

2.6. Should a Recipient fail to complete any or all of the courses in any given year, he/she will be responsible for the payment of such courses and will be liable to reimburse the Company for the value of such failed courses.

2.7. The Recipient is required to furnish the Company with satisfactory proof of results at the end of each semester.

2.8. The Recipient may not hold any other bursary, awards, internships or emoluments concurrently with this bursary, which bind him/her to enter the service of any organisation upon completion of his/her studies. The Recipient may not hold full-time salaried employment with any other organisation or institution during the tenure of the studies to which the bursary relates.

2.9. The Company will be provided the first opportunity of employment which are the subject of the bursary by the Recipient upon completion of the studies. Should the Recipient be appointed to employment with the Company he/she shall be required to remain in the service of the company for a period equal to the duration of the Bursary, after successful completion. Should the recipient leave the Company before completing the required service period then the pro-rated portion of the full benefit paid to the team member in terms of this agreement must be paid back to the Company.

2.10. Should the recipient not meet the requirements for employment with the Company, then the full benefit paid to the Recipient in terms of this agreement will be repayable back to the Company. The Recipient is required to undergo a credit check (if applicable), criminal check and a verification of qualifications. The Recipient is required to be a South African Citizen. An ID verification will also be conducted.

2.11. An Acknowledgment of Debt form would have to be completed when the bursary amount has been confirmed with regards to clause 2.1 above.

2.12. The Recipient is required to conduct him/herself in a professional and ethical manner during the course of the bursary, as they are affiliated with the Company and so as not to bring the Company’s name into disrepute.

2.13. Should the Recipient fail to fulfil any of the aforesaid conditions or should it transpire that a bursary was awarded on the basis of false information supplied to the Company, the Company would be entitled to forthwith cancel the agreement, in which event the Recipient will be liable to refund the Company for the full amount of the bursary, or part thereof, that has been paid on his/her behalf at the time of cancellation.

2.14. The Recipient and the Company agree that a Certificate issued by the Head of Payroll of the Company shall be deemed as proof of the amount due by the Recipient in the event of the cancellation of this Bursary Agreement for any reason.

2.15. The Recipient will sign the POPI consent form, which shall, to the extent that it refers to an employee or applicant for a position of employment, be deemed to be a reference to a recipient of a bursary for the purposes of the consent and this agreement.


The recipient shall submit the following to as part of the application process:

  • (a) ID copy;
  • (b) Proof of Address;
  • (c) Matric certificate/statement of results;
  • (d) detailed information regarding the chosen qualification;
  • (e) a motivation letter for consideration;
  • (f) acceptance letter from the institution
  • (g) the full registration, tuition and examination fees in respect of each the course/subjects received from the institute along with length of qualification; (proforma invoice)
  • (h) the name and address of the registered institution;
  • (i) proof of banking details of the registered institution.

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