Collectible Mandela Coins: Life of a Legend Nelson Mandela

Collectible Mandela Coins: Life of a Legend Nelson Mandela

South African Mint unveiled the last edition in the “Life of a Legend – Nelson Mandela” Protea collectible coin series that pays tribute to the country’s first democratically elected president and global icon’s legacy.

Mandela died at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013, and yet even in death, his legacy and place in history remain imperishable.

The “Life of a Legend – Nelson Mandela” theme was first introduced in 2013 representing a different chapter of Nelson Mandela’s life on each year’s coin issue.

It has over the years chronicled Madiba’s childhood, education, arrival in Johannesburg, his fight for justice, struggle against apartheid’s stranglehold and ultimately his 27-year incarceration, and eventual release from Robben Island.

Tumi Tsehlo, South African Mint’s managing director said: “Mandela’s legacy, the extraordinary lessons he holds for the ages, and the reason why he stands head and shoulders above every leader of his generation, is that he showed the world that the entire edifice of apartheid could be dismantled with gratuitous generosity of heart.

“It is befitting for a man of his stature that his legacy is preserved for posterity just like the gift of democracy. As we mark 25 years of our youthful existence, the South Africa Mint is proud to present these last coins in [the] ‘Life of a Legend’ range.”

The R25 (1oz) gold coin represents the year 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected as the first black president of a free and democratic South Africa.

The design of the R5 (1/10oz) gold coin features an elderly Madiba and the quotation, “It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it – Nelson Mandela”. The denomination, mass and metal value of the coin complete the reverse design of the gold coins.

Both the R1 sterling-silver proof and R1 sterling-silver uncirculated coin depict a smiling Madiba holding his grandchild. A paisley pattern, reminiscent of the shirts he loved to wear, was chosen for this design.

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