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How to analyze and trade Nasdaq 100 index

How to analyze and trade Nasdaq 100 index The Nasdaq 100 index is one of the most popular stock market indexes that tracks some part of US stock exchanges. This index includes 100 major domestic and international non-financial companies listed on The NASDAQ Stock Market based on market capitalization. All major industry groups are included into this… Read More »

WHEN TO BUY & SELL (strategies)

The most important thing in forex is knowing (predicting) where market will go in the future. Think about it, we BUY when the market is going up and SELL when the market is falling>> which is very easy to understand and talk about but the real challenge is how you will know if market will… Read More »

Currency Trading in South Africa

Forex Trading in South Africa South Africa is the beacon of hope for the African continent , and the world at its large. It is a multicultural melting pot bustling with diversity and with economic activity. As Africa’s powerhouse, FX trading is high on the agenda for South African traders. The global FX market is… Read More »

How to keep Up To Date With the Markets

To Every trader needs to keep up with the market trends and breaking news as they occur; at ForexTime (FXTM), our clients have access to the technical and fundamental analysis at all times through our live Forex News Timeline. But that’s not all we offer; our clients can also take advantage of additional advanced trading… Read More »


As the new trader you need to experiment with our platform tools, executing trades and honing your strategy. demo account from EVERFX provides you with $100,000 virtual funds so you can learn to trade safely without depositing your own money.Improve your trading knowledgeRefine your trading strategyTrade risk free without investmentUnderstand the volatile marketsTailor-made made educational… Read More »

How to turn R1 to R1 000 000.00 on forex trading

All you need is a free forex traring account and forex trading strategies. Believe it or not , in 20 days you can turn R1 to R1 million , using a good forex trading strategies like the one I am going to teach you now. You can now get you calculator so that you can… Read More »